Roasted garlic in a ketchup...a great combination!

Posted on 9 Mar. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

Who doesn't love garlic? Even Mary Berry is bold enough to use a clove here and there. Chopped and fried in oil to release a lovely flavour and aroma, or sliced and quickly deep fried to make the most irresistible topping, there's very little about garlic we don't like (particularly since chewing gum manufacturers make the after-effects more palatable and less offensive). Garlic is full of vitamins and minerals and has many therapeutic properties due to its active compound allicin which is responsible for producing its distinctive pungency. If you're looking for the one surefire method of including garlic in your favourite dinner party recipes, you won't go wrong with roasting whole cloves, or even bulbs. Just throw them in the roasting tray with some vegetables and herbs and you'll get the sweetest, softest and tastiest accompaniment to the roasted meat. But a pat on the back to The Hawkshead Relish Company, a well-known British producer of preserves and chutneys, is surely greatly deserved for introducing the first Black Garlic Ketchup to our shelves. It's going to be an absolute must to add to my sauces and gravies, or even to dip my chips in. Until I buy one, I'm just going to indulge in a deliciously saucy pork-chup to keep me going.