It's what we've been waiting for...our 'almost tonkotsu ramen'!

Posted on 8 Aug. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

We've kept you waiting for some we're back with our delicious 'almost tonkotsu ramen', the closest thing to the genuine article with ingredients available here. It's got soya milk and Tahini. It's got love it or hate it Marmite (yes really) which adds extra depth and a a garlic-like flavour. Of course, you'll find many restaurants in London serving the real thing. It's authentic, homely and tasty...and costs about £14 or so including service charge. £14?! It's supposed to be a street food that you'd happily pay about £5 for in Japan. On this side of the earth, once you buy the ingredients to make your own home-made version, it'll set you back £1 or so. Your service charge could be a pat on the back for creating a close copy. You're very likely to taste it and say 'Hey, this is not a real tonkotsu...', but for sure, you'll also say '...but it's not bad!'. Trust us, but try our 'almost tonkotsu ramen' for yourself!