Have your sushi cake and eat it...simply delicious!

Posted on 11 Apr. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

Britain is an island surrounded by a sea that's rich in fish and seafood...isn't it? Well, rich in mackerel for sure, but I'm not sure about other varieties. Coastal fish and shellfish are nowhere near as tasty as ocean-caught seafood, but I suppose the mackerel like swimming in safer British waters where there's more to eat and fewer predators. I sometimes go fishing in Brighton and it came as quite a shock to see a whole school of mackerel beneath my boat. They are really eager to bite, so I removed the hook from the first mackerel and threw the gimmick back into the sea, expecting a huge rush of more hungry mackerel. An unprepared man of no fishing knowhow would run screaming around the deck thanking his lucky stars for this mackerel heaven and thinking it's all due to his fishing prowess. Well, there's quite a bounty of this fish in the local waters, so why not eat them? If you can't purchase it as fresh, the smoked product is just as delicious and a match for the all too common smoked salmon. Let's take advantage of this incredible gift from the sea around Britain and find more ways of enjoying its flavour. My favourite so far is a smoked mackerel sushi cake - present it as a centrepiece when entertaining guests and it will be the star of the show. It's so easy to make and would look and taste great this Easter, particularly after indulging in a couple of chocolate Easter eggs too many.