It's British Pie Week! 6~12 March 2017

Posted on 7 Mar. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

About time too...Brits up and down the country can consume as many pies as they like this week, guilt-free. Originally just a vessel for packaging tasty goodies, the pastry casing was often tough and inedible, good for either throwing away or giving to servants. A pie nowadays can be sweet or savoury, open or closed, individual or family sized. They're easy to make and you can pretty much fill them with anything, from leftover Sunday dinners to wonky vegetables abandoned in the fridge. Apple pies can be transformed by adding cinnamon or even dried chilli, and the traditional mince pie...well, does a traditional mince pie still exist? Traceable back to the 13th century, the original 'Christmas pie' contained meats, fruits, spices and suet. The modern pie that we know today as the mince pie began to exclude the meat around the Victorian era. Favourite British savoury pies are commonly Steak & Kidney or Chicken & Leek, and you'll often find varieties of these clutched in hand at football games, as much to keep the spectators filled as nice and warm. Celebrate British Pie Week by making your own, but if all else fails, you could try out a new Holland's Micro Pie (available in Tesco from 13 March 2017) that microwaves nice and crisp in 4 minutes!