Posting Guidelines

Photo Copyright

When posting your recipes with photos, please be sure you use your own original images or those you have expressly been given permission to use on our site. If you use images taken from other sources without permission, this action is in breach of copyright law and you could be charged for usage by the owning entity. By agreeing with our posting guidelines, you concur that, in the event you are charged with breach of copyright for any image used on our site without permission, you are wholly liable and accept full and total responsibility for any penalty or fine. You also concur that cookbuzz accepts no liability whatsoever in this circumstance. There is no benefit at all to using unauthorised images, so please take great care to avoid this.

Translation to other Languages

Currently, cookbuzz publishes recipes in both English and Japanese. There are plans to expand to introduce other language versions in the future. Posted recipes that we deem suitable to be included in other versions will be translated and uploaded by us. By agreeing with our posting guidelines, you accept that we can use your submitted material in other language versions.

Secondary usage of posted recipes

Posted recipes that we deem of interest might be re-constructed inhouse and used in some of our other associated media, attributable to your cookbuzz user name. By agreeing with our posting guidelines, you accept that we can use your submitted material in other media belonging to us.


Can I see recipes without being registered?

Yes, of course. You can view all recipes and print or email them without being registered. However, you won’t be able to save your favourite recipes or post your own unless you register and create My Kitchen. In order to register, you only need to give the briefest of details – and it’s free!

I don’t know how to register

Firstly, click the Join Us button on the home page to start the registration. On the next page, you’ll be invited to enter your email address. Once this has been submitted, you will receive an email detailing full registration instructions. This will take you back to the cookbuzz website for you to enter your basic details. Once submitted, you’ll get a final confirmation email that your registration has been successful.

I don’t know if I am a Home, Pro or Chef member

We’ve created 3 different categories:


Select this if you are a professional chef, own a restaurant, or cook for a living.


Select this if you run or work in a cookery school, or publish your own recipes or books, or are a food/kitchen accessories manufacturer. Your main income is not from providing food, but you work for the food and drink industry.


Select this if you love cooking for your family and friends and just want to share your hobby! We know you don’t get paid for this but seeing your recipes online should be a great reward!

I forgot my password

You’ll need to re-register for a new password. Click the Help button on the home page and you’ll see an option for password resetting. Click here and you’ll be given instructions on how to do this. Don’t worry, your Kitchen and account will remain as before, you are just creating a new password.

What is My Kitchen?

As soon as you register, your Kitchen will be open! Here, you’ll see all the recipes you ever post. You’ll also see how many people clicked on all of your recipes yesterday (and an accumulated figure from your first recipe posting); how many people are following your Kitchen; how many of your recipes have been saved as others’ favourites; and how many of your recipes have been printed. You’ll have so much data updated every day to see how your Kitchen is doing! You’ll easily create fans of your recipes and they’ll want to know what’s coming next – we’ve got a diary box for this very purpose!

Can I personalise My Kitchen?

Of course! Go to Settings on the My Kitchen page and click on My Kitchen Settings. Here you’ll have many options of personalising how your Kitchen looks, for instance, changing background photos or creating a map or photo gallery of your recipe postings. The more recipes you post, the more followers you will gain, so make your Kitchen as welcoming as possible.

What do I gain from posting my recipes on cookbuzz?

So much! Chefs and Pro members can show others what they are good at and promote themselves and their outlets. Home members can get the recognition they deserve!

Chefs & Pro members

As professional Chefs and restaurant owners, you can use your Kitchen as a tool to attract more customers. You can show your restaurant location, opening details and photos of dishes, whatever you need to entice more visitors. By posting more recipes on cookbuzz, you’ll get more followers. Use your Kitchen to promote yourself! Introduce new recipes or restaurant openings in your diary box to tell people about new campaigns or specials. Of course, you can also put a link to your own websites to direct people to your own interests.

As a Pro member can use your Kitchen in a similar way, to promote your cookery school schedules or showing off new products. Your diary box can give you the tools to promote yourself freely. You can also include links to direct people to your own website.

Home members

If you enjoy cooking for your loved ones or just like trying out new recipes, this is the perfect Kitchen for you. You may not have a business to promote, so why become a Home member? Well, the world is full of people who love to give, or want to show off their skills. Not only can you do that in your Kitchen, but you can earn a bit of money! You could benefit from a Sponsorship advertisement where food manufacturers or supermarkets that you use could become sponsors of your Kitchen.

All posted recipes will remain permanently on cookbuzz. They’ll still be fresh in 100 or 1000 years, recreated on this earth or somewhere else in this galaxy, who knows! Share your recipe and make lots of people happy – a simple but wonderful concept.

How do I post a recipe?

Once you register, you can start posting recipes straightaway. Before posting, make sure you are logged in by entering your email and password, you’ll then see your User Name displayed. Click the blue/POST egg and enter the recipe title. You must read and agree with the guidelines before you continue. Once you submit, you’ll be forwarded to the full page to enter the ingredients, photos and method. There’s also notes and guidance to help you.

Do I need to include photos?

You can post a recipe without photos, but we strongly suggest you include at least one main photo of the finished dish so that it could be picked to be shown on the cookbuzz home page. You don’t necessarily need photos for the method sections, but one showing your prepared recipe will encourage your followers to try to emulate the dish. Including photos that you think would be helpful along the way is a good idea but there is no obligation.

How do I post photos?

The recipe posting page shows a grey box and Main Photo. There are eight other grey boxes that say Photo. Click on a grey box and go to where your images are stored on your PC, then click the desired image. The image will upload automatically.

Can I post high-resolution photos?

Not a problem, but heavier files take longer to upload. It’s better to either take the original shots in low resolution (or S size) on your camera, or resize the image on your PC using editing software. Windows uses Photo Gallery – click the image, then select Edit, Organise or Share. Click Edit, then Resize and choose Small size and save. Your original image will still remain. Mac uses a Preview function in a similar way.

Should I give a detailed recipe method?

The more steps you include, the more difficult the recipe looks! If you show 3 or 4 steps, this will encourage your followers to give it a go. 7or 8 steps are also useful but too many more can be offputting.

Can I upload a video of my recipe?

Yes! Simply copy and paste the Youtube URL of your movie in the box ‘Video of Your Recipe’. (Please contact Youtube regarding the advertisements that appear with your video, as these links are beyond our control).

Once I’ve completed the recipe posting page, why does it say Make This Recipe Public and not Submit?

Clicking the Make This Recipe Public button means you accept that your recipe will be out in the open for the world to see. For cookbuzz admin reasons, Submit does not indicate to us that you understand the nature of posting your recipe online.
You can also save your recipe and go back to it later.

Nothing happens when I click Make This Recipe Public

How long it takes to load your recipe will depend on the amount of information you’ve submitted. A typical posting should take no longer than 30 seconds, but could be up to 5 minutes if images are very heavy. If the Loading message continues to show, click the Query button at the bottom of the page and describe your issue. We aim to respond within 24 hours during business hours Monday to Friday.

Can I edit or delete my recipe once it’s been posted?

Of course. Log in and search the recipe you want to edit, or find it in your Kitchen. Click Edit Recipe beneath the title and amend as you wish. Click Update when you’re happy with the changes. If you want to delete, simply click the Delete button.