New Recipes

Asparagus. The earth is wonderful because such a delicious food grows here. But even if you want to make something with asparagus, recipes are limited. Asparagus goes great with pasta. It is surprisingly delicious.
Spaghetti, Salf, Asparagus, baby tomatoes, Pancetta(or Bacon), Garlic, Olive oil, Butter, Black Pepper
Aubergine (eggplant) and miso are a match made in heaven. Cooking thick sliced of aubergine is a bit of hassle, but with a microwave, it's done in 3 minutes. All that's left is to stir fly it with the miso sauce. Translated by Chat GPT
Aubergine, Springonion, Katsuobushi flake, Veg oil, Sesame oil, Chilli oil (optional), 【Miso sauce】, Miso, Mirin, Sake(white wine), Water, Sugar, Soy sauce, Dashi (powder)