Don't back away from a recipe with pomegranates...

Posted on 3 Mar. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

A tasty and colourful salad, in my book, has got to have a smattering of pomegranate seeds - the refreshing bursts of ruby really do add a special something. Equally, I couldn't imagine a Thai noodle salad without some grated coconut, or not using beetroot in my less-sugar brownies. And don't get me started on my must-have watermelon for the weekly smoothie. But who uses up the remaining 3/4 of these fruit and vegetables? It's a real fiddle too, smacking the half pomegranate to release its jewels and the path to coconut glory practically a near knuckle-grating ride. So thumbs up to Tesco for feeling our pain and providing us with these goodies in resealable freezer packs. The coconut and beetroot come diced, the watermelon in bitesize chunks and the pomegranate ready seeded to add to your forlorn salad with gay abandon. What's more, they contain the same vitamins and minerals as the fresh varieties, so you've no excuse now not to dig out some tagine or South Indian curry recipes. I might draw the line at their frozen half avocadoes, though...a swift prawn cocktail is by far the quickest way to use up any avocado left over from other recipes.