Sunshine yellow eggs for Easter!

Posted on 16 Mar. 2017

cookbuzz Editorial

Easter this year is from Good Friday 14th April until Easter Monday 17th April. Of course, Easter and eggs go hand in hand. Everyone remembers being given colourful boiled eggs as a child, either at school or in church, and we loved to enter competitions painting our own. In those days, it was the shell that was decorated and the egg inside remained white. Today, using the most natural dyes available, we can paint the actual egg! Just in time for Easter, why not brighten up your table with these beautiful sunshine yellow eggs? There's no artificial colourings, I simply used turmeric to get this stunning brightness, have a look at my recipe here. The kitchen smelt lovely, as if I was making a curry, but no flavour gets into the egg whilst dyeing it. A bowlful of these yellow Easter eggs (far healthier than the chocolate variety!) will surely delight little children.