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Cook your usual meat this way to make it more delicious! A chef masterclass to enhance your steak.
Sirloin steak fillet, Wagyu beef tallow, Salt & pepper, Onion sauce:, Onion, Garlic, Spring onions (sliced), Mirin, Soy sauce
Make a rich and tasty dish using just a bit of wagyu...
Beef slices (preferably wagyu beef), Tiger prawn, Egg, Asparagus, Sugar, Garlic rice:, Cooked rice, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Shiso herbs (perilla), Tallow (preferably of wagyu beef), Salt & pepper, Soy sauce, Sesame seeds, BBQ sauce:, Mirin, Vinegar, Garlic (grated), Honey, Sesame oil
Such a simple recipe made in no time.
Beef steak strips (preferably wagyu beef), Lettuce, Cucumber, Red turnips (radish), Tofu, Cress, Rocket (optional), Sesame dressing:, Sesame paste, Sesame seeds, Vinegar, Sugar, Soy sauce, Mayonnaise


Teppanyaki restaurant Benihana is famous for its chef performance. It was founded 50 years ago and we celebrated 30 years in London. Our focus is now on promoting Japanese wagyu.
In addition to our Piccadilly and Chelsea restaurants, we now have an outlet in St Paul's. We continue to satisfy our customers with a wide-ranging menu.
Our biggest recommendation is, of course, steak! Needless to say that each and every wagyu steak is tender and juicy. It is a masterpiece to watch as the chef cooks

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Toshio Suzuki
Toshio Suzuki

I started my career in a supermarket butchery department in Japan. I have had a lot of experience with Japanese teppanyaki and was a vice director of Roppongi's steakhouse.
I have worked as a chef for 30 years, in Hawaii, China, South Korea, South Africa and London. I'm a member of the Academy that is spreading the word about Japanese wagyu. I was born in Kyoto and raised in Hokkaido, Japan.


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